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a r p l  6 3 6..:..design process and methods

Instructors: Julio Bermudez and Tommy Vince


This class investigates architectural design processes and methods through design exercises, comparative analysis, and critical discussions,
both theoretically and practically. The overall premise is that every design process occurs within a general methodology that (pre)determines
its ideology, reality, concerns, and mode of inquiry (i.e., questions, strategies and tactics), knowledge base, representation techniques, goals,
and expectations. During the first part of the semester, the focus is on understanding the fundamental nature of the design process whereas the
second (and longer) part is devoted to study a variety of architectural design methods. In addition to readings and lectures geared to establish
a conceptual framework, the course uses short, hands-on assignments and case-studies. A final project asking students to critically revisit their
past design studio works is employed to summarize the insights collected throughout the semester.

school of architecture and planning — the catholic university of america  —  fall 2023