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This vertical (graduate and undergraduate) design studio introduces and/or advances skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to operate in the space between architecture, culture and spirituality. In this occasion, we will investigate architectural responses to social and spiritual practices dedicated to foster human vocation and development in the everyday life. This inquiry will be done under a premise of voluntary simplicity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, spiritual humility and the insights and experience of master architect Prem Chandavarkar – the 2016 Walton Critic. This version of the Walton Studio will also support the educational objectives of the Technology+Media in Architecture and Interiors graduate concentration.

SSCS Graduate Concentration ........... Prem Chandavarkar ................ Julio Bermudez .............CUArchitecture



The Catholic University of America, 2016 Walton Critic, PremChandavarkar (CnT Architects, Bangalore, India), Voluntary Architectural Simplicity, Phenomenology, Sacred Space, Cultural Studies, Spirituality, Architecture, Design Studio, Washington DC, USA